That Cheese Class - Brie Mine



A DIY Workshop with Lois + That Cheese Plate

Love is in the Air (for Cheese)

Our third workshop at Lois was a success! This month’s theme was “Brie Mine” with all things decadent. We incorporated gooey French Brie, flavorful truffle pecorino, dark chocolate and garnished with mini roses. I am a sucker for a good tablescape, so I went a little bit overboard with the place settings - candy hearts and bubbles included.

Welcome to That Cheese Class

Photos by Noel McGrath

We focused on some great local NYC brands for this workshop. Everyone’s place setting included their own 12 x 12 Cheese Slate from Brooklyn Slate, a package of Aida Eats crackers, Raaka Chocolates for garnishing, gooey Brie from French Cheese Board and our very own cheese totes (on sale now!) The other two cheeses were from Cypress Grove + Central Formaggi.

Across from the bar, we set up a DIY cheese plate building station with a sample plate and items categorized in order from the Cheese By Numbers technique:

1 - Cheese

2 - Meat

3 - Fruit

4 - Vegetables

5 - Crunch

6 - Garnishes

Lastly we had our photography station, flooded with natural light to capture the perfect photo.

The Workshop

Phoebe, co-ower of Lois and cheese education extraordinaire started the class by explaining the different cheese samples. We used the following for our boards:

Brillat Savarin - Soft, white-crusted cow's milk triple cream brie from French Cheese Board

Midnight Moon - Aged goat cheese, similar to a gouda made in Northern California from Cypress Grove

Truffle Pecorino - Raw sheep's milk cheese with black truffles made in Sardinia, Italy from Central Formaggi

Brie Jouvence Fermier - Pasteurized cow’s milk with a bloomy rind brie made in Île-de-France, France from French Cheese Board

We wanted to showcase cheese with intense flavors to ignite the palette. Valentine’s Day is all about indulgence, so we highlighted the more decadent cheeses. The Brie Jouvence Fermeir was so creamy it spread like a soft butter. My personal favorite was the truffle pecorino. Such intense flavors of truffle mixed with a sharp profile.

Next up, the cheese plate building. I talked through the Cheese By Number method, discussed the items to use for our plates and demonstrated how I make a plate from scratch.

We then talked through iPhone photography and how easy it is to capture a great photo of your plate. I showed the class my favorite filters to use and how I take the perfect Instagram.

Each member of the class had their own slate board from Brooklyn Slate to build on and got to make their own cheese plates to enjoy! The plates turned out AMAZING.

bri mine (95 of 95).jpg

We had so much fun! Our next two workshops at Lois are coming up soon. Get tickets HERE.