That “AZ" Plate


That “Arizona” Plate

Southwestern Themed

Down in the Desert

I recently paid a visit to some friends in Arizona, and naturally had to make a southwestern themed cheese plate. We celebrated by the fire pit at an amazing Air BNB airstream in Phoenix. It almost felt like we were camping in Joshua Tree. The secluded yard and fairy lights set a beautiful backdrop for a cheese party.

The Plate

For our Southwestern influence, we added prickly pear jam, assorted mini red peppers, roasted red pepper hummus and crackers from local Arizona company, Hayden Flour Mills. Build it yourself!


1 - CHEESE: Dubliner Cheddar, French Brie, Midnight Moon + Humboldt Fog

2 - MEAT: Salami River (duh)

3 - VEGGIES: Olives, Cherry Peppers, Mini Bell Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas

4 - CRUNCH: Hayden Flour Mills Crackers, Chili Lime Pepitas, Everything-Flavored Nuts + Mary’s Gone Crackers

5 - DIPS: Prickly Pear Jam, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

6 - GARNISH: Rosemary, Edible Flowers

Gather some friends, some wine and enjoy That Cheese Plate. Photos by our talented friend Lupe.

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