Cheese By Numbers

Everyone loves a good cheese plate, but sometimes they can be intimidating to build. Look no further! 

We're bringing you our Cheese By Numbers guides to help. 

It's simple, essentially the "Paint by Number" concept - with cheese. Follow the instructions and build the plate in order of number, clockwise from the top of the plate. 

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That "Last Minute Summer Gathering" Plate

This summer plate is SO easy to make, most ingredients you can find at your local supermarket! If you're having that last minute summer gathering and need a simple plate in a pinch, we got you covered. 

Brands We Used

Cheese: Sharp Cheddar by Cabot Cheese + Boursin Herbed Gournay 

Meat: Applegate Organic Salami 

Crackers: Mary's Gone Crackers

Spreads: Dalmatia Fig Jam + Nutella



That "Netflix & Chill" Plate

Gather round on that rainy cold day, turn on the TV and snuggle up. We have the cheese plate for you. The "Netflix & Chill" plate is equal parts salty and sweet, with crunchy popcorn and gooey Nutella. Whether it's a date night, wine with the gals or a solo evening in, this plate will leave you feeling warm inside. 

Brands We Used

Cheese: Sharp Cheddar by Cabot Cheese + Goat Brie from Montchevre - Both from our local Grocery Store

Meat: Applegate Organic Salami 

Popcorn: Buddha Bowl Popcorn

Spreads: Dalmatia Fig Jam + Nutella



This plate was inspired by the warm days of Spring. Get some friends together, pop open a bottle of Prosecco and snack on this vibrant platter. We used a variety of cheese to balance out the flavors and textures. You can use any brand cheese and accoutrement you'd like. Here's what we used.

Brands We Used

Cheese: Sofia by Capriole Farms, Moses Sleeper from Jasper Hill Creamery, Bayley Hazen Blue from Jasper Hill Creamery and an aged Gruyere. All from Whole Foods! 

Meat: Applegate Organic Salami 

Crackers: Mary's Gone Crackers + Firehook Crisps

Jam: Dalmatia Fig Jam


This post is not sponsored - We truly love and support these brands!

Illustration by Sara Gilanchi, Concept by Marissa Mullen