"She takes the guesswork out of the coolest, most solid thing to bring to any party of potlucK - THE CHEESE PLATE" - Rachael ray


The Magic of a Cheese Plate

That Cheese Plate was created by the passion for creativity and the love for entertaining. Founded by Marissa Mullen, That Cheese Plate encourages you to ignite your senses. Use your hands to mindfully craft your own cheese plate creations, taste the indulgent complexities of the cheese and accoutrements, see the cheese plates come to life like a painting at the MOMA, let the cheese plate ignite conversation between you and your loved ones, listen to the stillness of enjoying the present moment. It’s all about taking it back to the basics, to use food as a form of meditation, to slow down and express gratitude.

That Cheese Plate is a centralized hub for cheese plate inspiration. From recipes to workshops, we spread the joy of cheese across the globe. For easy and accessible step-by-step tutorials, we launched Cheese By Numbers - a place with do-it-yourself cheese plate “maps” and a building system for a flawless plate every time. Pour yourself a glass of wine and come join the party.