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A DIY Workshop with Lois + That Cheese Plate

Back to the East village

We teamed up with our friends at Lois once again for a cheese plate workshop! Nestled on Ave C in the East Village, Lois provided the perfect backdrop for our event. We ate cheese, drank wine and build the most fabulous cheese plates!

The Set Up

Our guests were greeted with personal table settings including a cheese samples, a small Boska Cheese Board, flowers, a cheese card for note taking and That Cheese Tote (in stock soon) filled with goodies from Jammy Yummy, Aida Eats and cheese knives from Boska!

Across from the bar, we set up a DIY cheese plate building station with a sample plate and items categorized in order from the Cheese By Numbers technique:

1 - Cheese

2 - Meat

3 - Fruit

4 - Vegetables

5 - Crunch

6 - Garnishes

Lastly we had our photography station, flooded with natural light and a marble slate to capture the perfect photo.

The Workshop

Phoebe, co-ower of Lois and cheesemonger extraordinaire started the class by explaining the different cheese samples. We used the following for our boards:

Humboldt Fog - Pasteurized goat's milk, bloomy & ash rind from Cypress Grove

Trillium - Pasteurized cow's milk, bloomy rind  from Tulip Tree Creamery

L'Amuse Gouda - Pasteurized cow's milk, wax rind- from Essex Cheese / Betty Koster

Secret de Compostelle - Pasteurized sheep's milk, natural rind - Fromagerie Agour

Phoebe chose a selection of sheep, cow and goat milk to describe the variety in texture and flavor. We had an assortment of both soft and hard cheeses to work with! While pairing each cheese with wine, Phoebe shared with us her expertise - including the tip that cheese should be wrapped while cold. Always refrigerate your leftover cheese for a little before wrapping in plastic wrap or beeswax paper!

Next up, cheese plate time! Attention was drawn to the DIY table and we talked through the Cheese By Numbers concept. We had an assortment of items to use for our plates, including: salami, chorizo, blackberries, oranges, castelvetrano olives, cornichons, cherry tomatoes, Jammy Yummy jam, Aida Eats rye crackers, pistachios, Spanish nut mix, rosemary and flowers.

Lastly, the photography station! We set up a marble slate by the window for the perfect amount of natural light to get the right shot. I’m a photographer by hobby and have a few fancy cameras, but I take most of my cheese photos with an iPhone - people were definitely shocked with the results you can achieve. We played around with lighting and editing to capture some great cheesy photos.

Everyone used their Boska board from the table setting to build their own beautiful cheese plates. I was so impressed with the creativity and versatility of everyone’s boards. It was such a fun day, thank you to everyone who attended!

And of course, we had to end with some confetti.

Photos by Noel McGrath

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