A Day with Sorella Collective & Malibu Wines


That Cheese Plate takes California

A Wine and Cheese Adventure

I ended up in Los Angeles with work (for my day job in the music industry, the opposite of cheese) but have been living a double life as a wannabe blogger gal who drinks coffee while working from hip restaurants all day. Today, I went on a little adventure up to Malibu for wine tasting at Malibu Wines. I know you must all be thinking, what is wine without cheese?! Luckily, there are tons of beautiful LA-based small businesses in the cheese world, so I decided to contact one of my favorites for a little collab to bring along to the Vineyard. 


Sorella Collective is run by Shelby and Savannah DiMarco, two sisters who share the same common belief - Food should be sustainable, good for the soul and beneficial to the community. They source their ingredients from farmer's markets, local small businesses and farms to provide their customers with the freshest and humane ingredients.  To make it even better, their plates are B E A U T I F U L. See for yourself! 


This plate features Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam, Central Coast Dream Weaver and Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor,  paired with Red Table Meat Co Salami, local honey, olives, dried figs, pistachios and fresh fruit from the farmers market (Hello lemonade blueberries! Probably the most beautiful fruit I've ever seen) We picked rosemary and edible flowers from the garden in their backyard. Everything was so fresh and vibrant. 


We left the lovely DiMarco sisters and made our way up to Malibu. Upon arrival, I was stunned by the rolling hills, tasteful decor and peaceful vibe at Malibu Wines. With cheese plate in hand, were greeted by Lien who guided us to a picnic table. We had a flight of white and red wine, which paired perfectly with our cheese. Two favorites: 2017 Saddlerock Sauvignon Blanc & Dream Weaver with Local Honey and 2014 Saddlerock Sangiovese & Mt. Tam with blackberries and an Edible Flower. It was a perfect afternoon. 


What are your favorite cheese companies / blogs in the LA area? Comment below!