A Community for Cheese Lovers

That Cheese Plate is a company that encourages creativity and educates readers on the world of cheese and food styling. That Cheese Plate was founded by Marissa Mullen - A Brooklyn dweller with a passion for food, photography, and creative direction. It all began a few years ago in her Boston college apartment. Marissa was determined to create a beautiful cheese plate to impress her friends at their yearly wine and cheese party. After a few internet searches, it was difficult to find a single site that focused on not just the cheese, but aesthetic visuals behind the cheese plate. That day, That Cheese Plate was born – a central hub featuring a wide range of accessible and beautiful cheese plate inspiration. A few years later, Marissa launched Cheese By Numbers. Similar to the paint-by-number coloring books, Cheese By Numbers provides easy, how-to steps for building a cheese plate from scratch.